Tolupan Project :: Sustainable Communities. Multiplying Churches.

The Tolupan Project. A gospel centered partnership to build sustainable communities and multiply churches among the Tolupan of Mina Honda, Honduras.

The Tolupan Project Story and Tribal Center Dedication - August 26, 2011.

The future of the Tolupan Project ...

While we are excited about the completion of the Tolupan Tribal Center in August, we look forward to what God is going to accomplish in the future. From the beginning of this project, we have sought to give a "hand up", not a "hand out." Hand outs create dependancy and in the end hurts those you are trying to help. Instead we seek to empower the Tolupan to provide for themselves and to lead their own churches and our prayer is that the tribal center will serve as a a platform for those endeavors. With this in mind, we will concentrate on three ministry areas in the coming year: community health programs, vocational training, and pastoral training.

You can get involved ...

  • Pray for the project on a regular basis.
  • Give financial support to the project.
  • Volunteer to go on a missions team or raise awareness in your church or among your friends.

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