The Week at a Glance
November 23-29, 2015


Mobile Loaves and Fishes
4:30 PM @ St. Paul's Methodist Church


Coffee at Panera
8:30 AM @ Panera Bread

Bible Reading Group
1:00 PM @ the Tiverton Senior Housing

Mobile Loaves and Fishes
4:30 PM @ St. Paul's Methodist Church

A Time of Prayer
7:00 PM @ the church


Christmas Choir Practice 9:00-10:30 AM @ the church


10:00 AM @ the church
Sermon:Pastor Nathan Hall will be preaching.

PUCC Special Meeting immediately following worship service.

Tolupan Project
a gospel partnership for sustainable communities and multiplying churches.

Pacific Union Connect
a life connected to God through daily Bible reading and prayer.

Pacific Union Family
resources for parents and families to bring the Great Commission home.

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PUCC Sermons
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A community committed to following Jesus by:

Advent at Pacific Union


The Four Sundays Before Christmas
Preparing ourselves for the coming of Jesus. We remember what it was like for Israel to wait for their Messiah. We look forward to the return of Jesus.


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God Loves Recycling
Treasures in your Trash
Treasures in your Trash (your ideas)

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Recycling Guide (pdf)

Recycling. Care for God's creation.
Money for the poor. Bring the gospel to the world.

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